Youth Alliance for Environment (YAE) with the support of WWF Nepal organized the Training Workshop on Climate change Adaptation, REDD+ and Forest Carbon Inventory in Rampur for the students of IAAS/AFU from 27th– 30th June. The program was carried out in the seminar hall of National Grain Legume Research Center (NGLRC), Rampur. The major objective of the program was Capacity Building of Academia focusing on the Field Methodologies of Forest Carbon Inventory.

The facilitators of the program were:

  • Mr. Sanot Adhikari
  • Mr. Krishna Hengaju
  • Mr. Bibek Karki
  • Miss. Uma Sidgel &
  • Miss. Rojina Haiju

The training session went for 4 days under 2 different modules:

Day 1st: After introducing the program, there was a briefing about The Generation Green (TGG) Campaign, background on climate science, introduction to UNFCCC Board and Negotiation Process,  introduction to thematic area and principles of NAPA/LAPA, their preparation by the students and finally ended up with the presentation.

Day 2nd: There was a introduction to carbon finance and CDM implementation in Nepal Biogas, discussion on REDD+ emergence, UNFCCC process and Nepal readiness, national REDD+ emergence and MRV in Nepal, methodologies in REDD/REDD+ and forest carbon inventory and finally introduction regarding instruments like GPS, Vortex, Transponder, Densiometer, Clinometer, etc and the way to handle them.

Day 3rd: Forest Carbon inventory

Day 4th: Handling of DGPS and DGPS field practices. Data analysis, training evaluation and closing of the program after certificate distribution.

Views of the participants:

Nirmala K.C. – “It was a golden opportunity for me to participate in such impressive and interesting training. I learnt a lot about climate change adaptation, REDD+ and Forest Carbon Inventory. LAPA preparation, field work, operation and handling of the equipments, time management and friendly behavior of the trainers were the most mentionable part of the training. This training has fulfilled so many curiosities about climate change and even motivated me to conserve the nature. I hope to get similar kind of trainings in relevant issues in future.”

Amita Pandey– “The training was new for me. I was unaware about many things that we discussed and practiced there. My wish to know about the globally concerned matters like climate change, REDD+, carbon inventory came true. Now I can share the things that I’ve learnt with the communities in my periphery. Since the topics like REDD+ and Carbon Inventory were new for many of us it would have been more fruitful if the training was scheduled for few more days. However, I’m very thankful towards YAE team for carrying out this training session.”



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