“We study agriculture to learn agriculture and to do agriculture”. These words from IPM specialist Mr. Manoj Pokhrel on the occasion of 11th National Rice Day were really worthy, something that must be thought precisely  and that must be implemented thoroughly.

On 15th of Ashad Youth Eco Network (YEN) celebrated 11th National rice day with the slogan“Dhan utpadanma aadunikikaran, khadyanya aaiyatma neunikaran”. The participants of the program were:

  • IPM specialist Mr. Manoj Pokhrel
  • Dr. Hom Bahadur Basnet
  • Dr. Nirajan Bhattarai
  • Local farmers
  • Members of Youth eco Network &
  • Students of IAAS/ AFU

The events organized included:

  • Rice plantation
  • Singing Asare Song
  • Mud race
  • Tug of War &
  • Eating Dahi Chiura

The major objective of the program was to get to know about the problems that farmers have been facing in the course of rice production and suggesting some of the solutions to solve their problems.

With the population increasing in the accelerated pace and resources declining, the traditional method of agriculture that is still followed by the farming community where there is no mechanization won’t be able to feed the increasing mouths nor can it add to the economy of the country. Nepal, which was once the exporter of rice is now the major importer. So, with the vision of making agriculture a respectable job and the way to prosperous economy, mechanization of agriculture is must. The need of the hour is to mechanize the agriculture procedure to increase the production which is possible only through the joint effort of the farmers, agriculture specialists, agriculture students, environmentalists and the government. This will help not only to enlighten the farming community which are under the shadow but also to make a country self-dependent on food and also to bring back agriculture to life.




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