IMG_2255-“This environment is a canvas. This canvas is yours .You are the artist. So, paint it green. But we got to do this only if the planet is healthy, only if we are healthy.”

-“The Generation Green is the trust and optimism we have in youth.”

These sentences from the Nepal representative of WWF were really something to think about. Believing in the fact that youth are no longer only the future of the country, the launching of THE GENERATION GREEN (TGG) campaign led by WWF Nepal was carried out on 14th February, 2014 and I was so glad to be the part of that program.

Program summary

The program was organized in the conference hall of National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), with the partnership of four other organizations ( ECCA, SENSE NEPAL, YOUTH ALLIANCE FOR ENVIRONMENT and GREEN YOUTH OF LUMBINI). Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal Mr. Lilamani Poudel was the chief guest of the program. 12 prominent professional citizens of Nepal from diverse sectors (Anil Shah, Anil Chitrakar, Amrit Gurung, Gagan Thapa, Malvika Subba, Pratik Pradhan, Ranjit Acharya, Rajesh Hamal and 4 others) were the mentors. The program started with Manjushree dance performance by the students of Mt. Kailaish School. The speech given by the mentors was very motivating and inspiring. After watering the potted plant to make the symbolic launch of the campaign, the program finally ended.

What actually is TGG campaign?

This is the five-year campaign led by WWF Nepal to build the generation of 500,000 environmentally-conscious youth (aged 16-25 years old) to drive the agenda of sustainable development and making the conservation by using youth brain and power. TGG is about opportunities and initiatives which create benefits to the environment and we can take the full advantage of mentorship program, green jobs, green projects and twinning.

Why is this campaign youth targeted?

About half the population of our country is under the age of 25. We are energetic and enthusiastic. So, we are the present of the nation, moreover we are the nation our self. Our desire to build the green present and tomorrow will become a reality if we are really up to that.

I believe wisdom that isn’t used isn’t wisdom. What I’ve learnt from the program, is the wisdom which I’m eager to use. Being one of the 500,000 youth who are environmentally-conscious is something really worthy. So, if there’s question like:

  • Are you excited about being the environmentally conscious youth?

The answer is “Yes, I’m”

  • Are you ready to be the change?

Yes, I’m ready.

  • Are you ready to seize the day?

Yes, I’m.


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