A Youth migrant to Canada for further education.

A Youth migrant to Canada for further education. Credit: Achyut.

Since long, I think most of us have heard that youth are the backbone of the nation, the present and future of the nation, the mirror of the nation. Youth are the one who can explore out hidden possibilities, who can invent and innovate, who can cultivate opportunities out of obstacles. These things are not just to  hear and nod our head, these are to think deeply and act accordingly.

When I got to know about the theme of this year’s INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY ( Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward), it alarmed me a lot. This theme seems to be motivating youth for migration. What we need to understand is that, migrant might contribute to some portion of national economy but identity crisis, discrimination and exploitation of the migrants are the serious problems.

Nepal is developing as the nation where every house has at least one person living outside the country, using their muscle or brain there. If this situation goes on, then one day we have to face the situation when only old people and children will remain in the country, agricultural lands will be left fallow, no development works will be initiated, this country will be most poor country to live in.

How can we decrease youth migration?

  • Self- employment can be the best option to stop youth migration.  While attending the program on the occasion of International Youth Day, I came across those personnels who were really influential and commendable, who either didn’t seek for the government job and created the one by them self ( Mr. Mitra Raj Dawadi) or left the job they had and did one of their own( Dr. Til Chandra Gautam) . Today they are reputed and established entrepreneur of Nepal.
  •  We should left our total dependency on government but It is necessary that the government must be the facilitator, provide the market to our products.
  •  Producers seek the insurance of their production, other people look for job that suits them, the job that suits their education and can fulfill at least their minimum needs. It is necessary that we should get the opportunity that defines us. The reason for youth migration from Nepal is because we don’t get what we deserve.
  •  Last but not the least is that we should think outside of the geographical boundaries and act accordingly.



One thought on “YOUTH MIGRATION.

  1. Being abroad (and accidentally having my photo here, ready to sneak out of the country ^ ^) I want to say that today’s youth worry about the nation. It doesn’t look digestable though and may even seem as a word service in several conditions. But When many youths like in your organization are working hard for positive change we people feel happier and learn a lot from your activities. These days the news of political agreements or election doesn’t energize much, as does a small news of some farmer or student trying to help community built a health post from small part of income they make working 24/7. Youths working on encouraging systematic agriculture by commercializing vermicompost overwhelm me rather than some huge B-house doubling there profits by selling more noodles to nepalese citizens. small but powerful message are delivered by these works and i dream to reciprocate or multiply these things in near future. These youths are a big inspiration to us.

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