Nine  months ago, on the occasion of Dashain, I made a trip to my ancestral home place Gorkha. I was feeling really awesome travelling by bus though the road was muddy and dangerously snake-shaped because few years before I had to travel for the whole day all on my foot through the sal forest to reach there. I was enjoying my trip, then  something suddenly caught up my eyes.  All those fast flowing streams which I cherished about few years back had dried up. I could see lots of plastic bottles and wrappers in the roadside, trees fallen down and mud house being replaced by concrete buildings. I had heard and learnt a lot about the impacts of climate change but I got to see one with my own eyes. That shocked me a lot.

It was since then I started getting really serious about climate change. Here in Chitwan I feel that it’s getting hot year after year. Almost daily we hear that polar ice cap is melting, ozone hole is increasing in dimension, rainfall is being erratic and so on. We hear about rise in the  level of sea, melting down of glaciers, bursting out of glacier lakes, crop failure, insect-pest resurgence, occurrence of totally new kind of disease in crops and social animals.

To know the view of youth about climate change, I got to spend few minutes with the student of Bv.Sc & AH Mr. Sirjan Bastola. He shares his view this way:

As he has stated developed country should heed the voice of developing countries and assist us in achieving the objective of mitigating the problems of climate change. We need to walk shoulder on shoulder to fight this problem for sure.



  1. Good initiative shrijana. It was good to hear the conversation. Developed countries are responsible for huge scale of carbon emission which of course, is a major reason for climate change and unprecedented natural disasters. At the same time countries like ours are going through rapid desertification and deforestation. I think this is the most serious problem that brings imbalance in environment and agriculture. like in your talk, youths should encourage planting trees more and more which can be solution to several problems. you guys can initiate campaign to develop chitwan as a forest city – this can be an example to other towns and village of Nepal as well.

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