Youth Employment: Decent Work for All Young People, Everywhere

youthunemploymnt In this dynamic world,where we feel unprecedented pressure of throat-cutting competition of life right through our nerve and the way we used to perceive employment has now under gone a enormous shift.It’s more than the paid job,more than the profession,more than the time seeking occupation, more than the manual work, more than the work of intelligence or can be more than what so ever mentioned.

In this century of GENERATION Y, employment has become a way of life, it’s the foundation stone to get empowered and much more than a vicious spiral of raising wealth.The present world is rushing like a metro where everyone is seeking for an opportunity; more specifically employment which can either be of their passion or might be their compulsion, either for quality and cheerful life or just for the sake of remaining alive.So, can all those jobs that we are passionate about be the decent one? Are all those jobs we do with painful compulsion be of obscene type? What is the yardstick to measure the decency of employment? How can we tackle youth unemployment problem with full spirit? We need to answer all of these questions by embracing the youth for the sake of the youth and the whole world. 

In the present world of urbanization, globalization,industrialization and liberalization, there are some youth who have become successful in operating the universe in their palm on the one part of the world while there are many more who are still struggling for daily hand to mouth job on the another cranny. Youth, though being the biggest resource( wealth) of the the country are equally exposed to the wind of change and the biggest competition of life.

We can get the transparent view of the developed and well-off nations that there has always been the better time for the youth. I often ask myself about the reasons behind this vast gulf in the developed and developing or underdeveloped countries when I get to be free in this periphery of IAAS. Is this all because they get all those decent job and we get the rest or because they treat all the jobs with decency though they be of any kind but we categorize them?

Because we know the country can walk continuously in the path of development only when the citizens( youth) are employed according to their capability, it is important to mobilize all the skilled and unskilled manpower of the country according to their capability. Taxi driving  can be a decent job only if the driver drives the taxi not when the professor from poor countries does it in the foreign land though the salary is handsome. Working out the field and raising the animals is certainly the decent job after the students graduate from agricultural college though it is viewed as indecent in country like ours.

Drowning deep into problems, we find that people go for indecent job if they feel that they will be left unemployed if they don’t do so and the reasons behind unemployment are poverty, political instability, lack of skill and proper intelligence, etc among many others.Then how can we minimize the problems of unemployment and indecent jobs ? Following can be some probable answers:

  • The very first thing we need to do is to start asking ourselves Why not not Why me.
  • Though the world has undergone massive and intensified competition we need to grab those opportunities which have been bursting the world.
  • Nation should provide the job according to the capability to the youth.
  • Youth must respect all kinds of job opportunities with mind.
  • Youth must move towards self employment.
  • Nation must address the heart of the problems and act accordingly like no political interventions in industrial and other financial areas, education, training the unskilled manpower,etc.
  • The nation must adopt the new mindset, positive in attitude and global in ambition.
  • Awareness raising and eliminating illiteracy by making people able to learn and relearn not only not only reading and writing.

What we need to do is to set the questions regarding decent jobs for youth and unemployment for 365 days and solve all those in order to built the world where all are involved in the decent job and the job of their interest.



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