Of course, we can be the change we are craving for……..

ImageI often remember one special thing my elder brother told to me. He once told me that it’s the bachelor life when we taste out everything, it’s the life when we should try everything that we feel like.It’s the phage when we argue with the friends and often go cool with fights, the phage when we walk around with guitar in the basketball court, the phage when we try liquors and hang out with friends till late night, the phage when we get indulged with many things around us and in the same time experiment out our passions and sometimes get serious over them.

Ok, if it’s like that let’s get serious, let’s give our passion some life. I do have passions in various field. On top of everything else, being the student of Agriculture, agriculture and environment are the fields of my passion for sure. I do think that being of minimum help in solving the problems rampant in these fields would give me immense pleasure.So, what can we do to bring the positive changes? How can we our self be the change we are craving for? What are we willing to change? Can we change our self as the initiative? These are the crucial things that we must think upon and act accordingly.

Talking of what changes we( youth) can bring in the field of agriculture and environment following can be some noticeable and praiseworthy tasks:

  • We can be communicators of agriculture and environment related information among agricultural stakeholders as well as between agricultural and non-agricultural stakeholders.
  • We can bring ourselves with the level of specialized knowledge we have into reality.
  • We can of course create awareness among the related groups for sure.
  • We can celebrate special occasions( like World Environment Day) not only with mind-blowing slogans but also with some tasks that can be mirror to these slogans.
  • We can help out small farmers with their kitchen garden problems( insect, pest, salinity, acidity, dry soil,etc)
  • We can bring the wrapper of snickers way back to home and dispose in right way.
  • We can join hands with youth like us and with similar passion to achieve common goal.
  • We can reduce or reuse or recycle the resources according to their nature and biodegradability.
  • We can afforest the deforested or barren area.
  • We can convince farmers to adopt those technologies that won’t harm the environment as far as possible.
  • We can help them with their inventiveness.
  • We can visit them whenever we feel like and teach them some improved methods of farming.
  • We can teach them to make organic manure out of household wastes.
  • We can be the change to bring the change.

                    Apart from these, we can warn the government or the people about the potentially disastrous consequences of global warming, aware the farmers to follow the path of sustainability so that we can restore our imperiled environment, and much more things ahead of these.

Change can’t be brought with individual effort and of course cannot be realized without the contribution of every individual. Even the impossible thing says I am possible and of course changes are always possible because the wind of change never stops.We can and must bring positive changes in the field of agriculture and environment because it’s agriculture what we need three times a day and it’s the environment where we carry out agricultural works and experiments and that what supports our life.




3 thoughts on “Of course, we can be the change we are craving for……..

  1. Your efforts r really appriciable n gud luck for upcoming activities
    In Nepal agriculture not being a white color job people hesitate being called to be involved in agriculture thus we can create such programme telling ‘Agriculture is second to none’ thus we n our farmers can proudly say yes we are involved in agriculture
    As environment is concerned we can extend organic related production activities like IPM tools to as much farmers as possible through cordination with related organisation n yes we can bring the change

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