What’s agriculture all about?

IMG_1164It sounds so simple, so superficial.But dwelling deep into length, we find that agriculture is more than arable farming, more than husbandry or more than domestication of plants and animals and so is unconventional indeed.Turning back into the world’s history we find that,agriculture was the torchlight to the human civilization.It was what that sustained and enhanced human life.The development of agriculture in this long course of time have been driven and defined by greatly different climates, culture and technologies.With the globalization,agriculture has become the maze of complexity and of course can be opened to wide range of interpretation.So, what’s agriculture actually or what should it be?

Agriculture should be that what simplifies nature’s food webs and re-channels the energy for further consumption. Agriculture must be productive as well as remunarative . It must maintain the productive capacity of the land and on other hand make the minimum utilization of the energy and resources along with their conservation and maintenance as well.Agriculture must be ecologically sound and economically viable and similarly optimize the rate of turnover and recycling of nutrients and organic materials. We must make agriculture sustainable and in turn it will make ours. Last but not the least agriculture must be the aspirations to the lifestyle of current and future generations.


One thought on “What’s agriculture all about?

  1. Youth effort is only the key for future way of sustainable agriculture…in our context agriculture has been merely a commercial type although its in developing way we youth can bring a rapid change rather leap of frog thus mobilization with effective programme for youth is good idea

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